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Are you wondering if a campus is open for extension? 

General Extension Resources 

Timely Extension Resources 

So You Are Considering Panhellenic Extension…

First, determine who the proper authority for extension is (College Panhellenic, your college/university or the NPC Panhellenic Extension Committee). Once you know, these resources may be helpful:

Getting Approval for Extension

With the proper authority identified, you can further explore readiness for extension and the exploratory process. In this step, you might want to review these guidelines:

Extension is Approved…

If your community passes a vote to open, a Panhellenic Extension Committee is formed and begins its work. Along with General Resources on this page and the MOI, see these tips and tools:

You are Welcoming a New NPC Member Organization to Campus…

After presentations, the Panhellenic Extension Committee will issue a formal invitation for the selected group and pave the way for their long-term success. At this stage, check out these resources:

Re-establishment Resources