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General Extension Resources 

Timely Extension Resources 

So You Are Considering Panhellenic Extension…

You first need to determine who the proper authority for extension is. If your campus has a College Panhellenic, they are the proper authority. If not, your college or university should be. Once you know who the proper authority is, these resources may be helpful:

Getting Approval for Extension

After identifying the proper authority, you can look further into the extension process. This is where Panhellenic exploratory committees are formed, data is gathered, and extension readiness is examined prior to the vote to open for extension. In this step, you might want to review these resources:

Extension is Approved…

After a community passes the vote to open for extension, the Panhellenic Extension Committee is formed and begins working on the next steps of the process. Along with the MOI and the General Resources and Extension Video Training on this page, see these tips and tools:

You are Welcoming a New NPC Member Organization to Campus…

After presentations, the Panhellenic Extension Committee will want to issue a formal invitation for the selected group and pave the way for their long-term success as they join your community. Resources you might find helpful in this stage are: