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College Panhellenic Academy

College Panhellenic Academy is a National Panhellenic Conference program designed to equip College Panhellenic officers and advisors with the most up-to-date Panhellenic knowledge, helping to ensure the success of College Panhellenics throughout the U.S. and Canada. This day-and-a-half-long academy provides the opportunity for hands-on training with NPC representatives, allowing attendees to refocus their commitment to NPC values and in turn, shape their sorority communities.


Phi Mu Academic Excellence Fund

Through a generous donation from Phi Mu Fraternity to create the NPC Foundation’s Phi Mu Academic Excellence Fund, the NPC Foundation offers reimbursement grants to College Panhellenics in support of creating a climate in which there is a constant presence and appreciation of academic excellence. These grants from the NPC Foundation’s Phi Mu Academic Excellence Fund can help College Panhellenics defray the cost of academic excellence programming. The NPC Foundation also hopes the program encourages College Panhellenics to be even more creative in how they support the academic pursuits of the Panhellenic women on their campus. How to apply.


Women in Higher Education Achievement Award

The Women in Higher Education Achievement (WHEA) Award recognizes an outstanding woman who has made or is making a significant difference in higher education through her scholarship and leadership. Her contributions may be in the area of faculty, staff or administration at a college, university or community college or they may be through association with a professional education association or government entity that promotes higher education. She has a positive attitude toward the value of the sorority experience, and she may or may not be a member of a Greek-letter organization. The WHEA Award is funded by the NPC Foundation through an endowment established by Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and Foundation. List of WHEA Award Recipients.