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Our Priorities

Central to the work of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) to advocate for the sorority experience is the NPC’s engagement on many of the most pressing challenges facing college-aged women today. Our members provide support for the victims of sexual assault, lead bystander intervention programs designed to prevent sexual violence on campus and fight for body-positive campus cultures. NPC is also committed to partnering with institutions of higher education to make our campuses safe for all who attend.

Undergirding this work is NPC’s advocacy for the power of the women’s-only experience. NPC engages regularly with policymakers and leaders across higher education to affirm the value of single-gender organizations as a means to empower today’s collegiate women.

Sororities were founded to provide a critical support system for women on campuses that were anything but welcoming. While the campus environment has changed considerably today, we understand the continued value of women’s-only organizations to empower collegiate women and provide networks of support for alumnae members as well.

Government Relations

Health & Safety