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National Panhellenic Conference Announces New Organizational Structure

By November 27, 2018Press Release

Changes respond to shifting landscape and will bring new resources aimed at supporting the sorority experience

INDIANAPOLIS – Officials with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), the nation’s leading advocate for the sorority experience, announced today that the NPC Board of Directors has approved revised governing documents that allow for the development of a new organizational and governance structure designed to make the Conference more nimble and responsive to the most pressing challenges facing students, campus partners and the greater Panhellenic community.

“The challenges facing students on campus today are more complex and require robust engagement from the professionals that serve the Panhellenic community,” said Carole Jones, chairman of the National Panhellenic Conference. “Our ability to lead and effectively partner with our campus-based colleagues demands we equip ourselves as a stronger, more strategic ally,” she added, citing the fight against hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault and diversity and inclusion, among other concerns.

The new governance structure will include:

  • A Council of Delegates, consisting of one representative from each of NPC’s 26 member organizations and having primary responsibility for Conference membership and Panhellenic policies.
  • A new seven-member Board of Directors consisting of five members elected to service by the Council of Delegates and two directors appointed by their member organization (on a rotational basis). The Board of Directors will lead NPC and have authority and responsibility for overseeing the affairs of NPC. They will establish corporate policy, set the strategic direction, oversee and secure resources and monitor organizational performance. The Council of Delegates will also elect the NPC chairman.

The first Board of Directors to be established under the new bylaws will be appointed and elected by the Council of Delegates in May 2019 and will assume office on July 1. The new NPC chairman will be elected by the Council from the seven members who comprise the Board of Directors.

“The Panhellenic community is increasingly looking to us as a resource and a convener,” said Dani Weatherford, executive director of NPC. “The ‘Call for Critical Change’ launched earlier this year exemplifies the type of work we must undertake. And our new organizational structure reflects our desire to further expand our capacity to serve such a role, and to do so in partnership with campus officials and other like-minded individuals and organizations who share our values.”

The new structure is also intended to ensure that greater resources and staff-level engagement can be brought to bear on priorities ranging from recruitment and membership growth, enhanced data collection and communications efforts advocating for the sorority experience. The NPC professional staff will continue to accomplish their work alongside the organization’s volunteers.


About the National Panhellenic Conference
NPC is the umbrella organization specifically charged with advocating on behalf of the sorority experience. It is comprised of 26 national and international sororities that are autonomous social organizations. Collectively, NPC sororities are located on more than 670 campuses with approximately 418,000 undergraduate members and nearly 5 million alumnae.

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