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National Panhellenic Conference Foundation

The National Panhellenic Conference Foundation (NPC Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) public educational charity incorporated in the state of Indiana in August 1995.

Mission Statement

Through visibility and collaboration, the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation will support National Panhellenic Conference priorities and initiatives to enhance the sorority experience.


The purpose of the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation is to support the initiatives of the National Panhellenic Conference. It accomplishes this through prudent investment and careful spending of the Foundation’s endowment as well as other board-restricted, donor-restricted and unrestricted funds.

Examples of how the NPC Foundation supports the Conference’s initiatives include the awarding of undergraduate and graduate scholarships and providing financial support for programs such as College Panhellenic Academy.

For more information about the NPC Foundation, including how you can support our mission, please refer to the links in the left navigation of this webpage.



Giving Opportunities